The global mobility sector is undergoing a change. Reasons are resource scarcity, pollutant loads and the increasing urbanization. Innovative, technological solutions such as battery-electric and fuel cell based drives as well as gas drives and new biofuels also represent great potentials for the future.

Precise: energy sector and mobility sector are merging – the cross linking of different traffic systems increases quickly, mobility behaviour of humankind is changing. Car sharing has become one booming future market in metropolitan areas. Consequences: individual mobility of the future is greener, more intelligent and more interconnected. 

The direction is clear: 

Mobility in the framework of change is a synonym for technical challenges! EVEECON is aware of current and predicted possibilities and their influence factors on both sides: in the field of mobility and in the energy sector, we develop profound analyses in the context of market and technology consultancy. Additionally we develop positioning; we identify adjustment requirements and assist you in in the implementation of your projects. With one result: you can make the right decisions. Fast and well founded. 

  • costs and profitability
  • aspects of environment, energy and resources
  • technical and infrastructural requirements
  • operational measures, for example technical or other further education
  • practicality
  • technical degree of maturity
    • future development trends
    • benchmark processes and requirement specifications
    • technology roadmaps and their design
    • comparison of technology scenarios
    • technical standards and norms as well as regulatory framework
    • security aspects
    • international comparisons

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