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Funding management in the field of innovative mobility technologies

The use of alternative propulsion systems in transport has many positive aspects. Synthetic fuels, hydrogen drives, gas-powered engines or electro-mobility are essential building blocks for fulfilling the German government´s climate protection targets for 2050. The enthusiasm for climate-neutral driving is growing steadily. A future with more climate protection and less dependency plays a major role for the German population. Future-oriented and low-emission mobility is also important to the German government, the federal states, vehicle manufacturers, cities and municipalities. A range of funding opportunities are available to interested parties. However, environmental bonuses and tax relief are not the only measures that belong to this.

However: how expensive is a changeover from conventional drive systems to alternative drive systems really? What kind of subsidies are available? What is exactly subsidised? We would like to share our numerous years of experience and our wide range of expertise with you. Find out everything about the potentially useful subsidy programmes:

Funding opportunities:

•    Federal environmental bonuses for the purchase of vehicles with alternative drive systems
•    Manufacturer´s bonuses
•    Support for charging infrastructures
•    Tax advantage of company cars with alternative drive systems
•    Motor vehicle tax relief

Full service up to the application

ENERGY ENGINEERS accompanies you from the initial consultation to the application for the funding. We guarantee you independent consultants, who will assist you in qualified and committed manner throughout the entire funding process. Become a part of the energy transition, we are happy to help.