Mobility, energy and climate protection: One thing does not work without the other. They go hand in hand. Therefore we always look at the big picture. Mobility plays a key role, especially when it is required to develop solutions for an energy turnaround design and for the successful implementation of environmental conditions. 

These challenges provide great chances and possibilities for the public sector and for companies:

Increasing site attractiveness, securing competitiveness, the development of new business areas and the savings of energy costs are potentials, whose exploitation will pay off later.

Visionary Concepts

The key to a successful design of operational, municipal and individual mobility are innovative environment friendly and energy efficient mobility and drive concepts. Electric mobility or intelligent linking between traffic systems only describe two possible solutions out of many. 

On its way to implement promising ideas, EVEECON develops customized solutions that are the result of many years of experience and expertise. In doing so, we have broad skills in all innovative drive technologies (electric, hydrogen and gas mobility) in cross linking issues of different traffic systems among each other as well as cross linking between traffic and energy systems. 

  • development of (electric) mobility concepts in combination with strategies and measures for climate protection and air purification
  • development of future – oriented and sustainable mobility and vehicle fleet concepts for companies and municipalities
  • development of implementation and measure actions plans in the field of innovative mobility
  • feasibility studies about mobility concepts in cities and metropolitan areas
  • strategies for integration of renewable and non-fossil energies in the field of mobility
  • strategies for resource and energy efficiency in the field of mobility
  • development of funding strategies for new technologies
  • consideration of funding programmes
  • analyses and valuation of mobility strategies and developments in the field of mobility in an international context
  • development of technology roadmaps and requirement specifications
  • practice-oriented implementation of (electric) and mobility concepts

In doing so, we always pursue a holistic approach - from strategic and technological consulting through operational project management to performance control.

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