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Accompanying research in the field of innovative mobility technologies aims to identify, analyse and document innovation potentials of various mobility applications and technologies, also in connection with the topic of energy/sector coupling.

Result: release of innovations in the field of mobility and transferability of the findings to other areas or regions.

Possible subject areas:

  • Analysis of local contributions and potentials in the field of innovative mobility technologies to reduce energy consumption and emissions in the transport sector
  • Analysis of the local production, supply and storage of renewable energy for transport and identification of the potential for the development of renewable energy for the transport sector at the respective area level
  • Stakeholder analyses: identification and analysis of relevant actors in the fields of mobility and energy
  • Investigation of municipal/regional investment opportunities and willingness to invest in the areas of charging and filling station infrastructure (e.g. H2, bio methane, synthetic fuels), energy production and supply
  • Study of investment models through public-private partnerships in the areas of charging and service station infrastructure, energy production and supply
  • Development of recommendations for action within the framework of national measures